Spill Equipment Deployment Options

Spill Response Wales can offer a number of differing spill equipment deployment options when attending an incident. The following sections provide an indication of the equipment available for deployment:

Land Spill

Where a spill is impacting either hardstanding or soft soil cover, Spill Response Wales can mobilise equipment varying from a number of different types of absorbent media (loose fibre, wood sorb or pads for example), through to mini excavators and temporary containment membranes, where soils may require rapid excavation and containment. We also carry drain protection and drain blocking equipment as standard on our response vehicles.

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Fresh Water Spill

Spills to Controlled Waters represent an immediate environmental liability.  Spill Response Wales holds a stock of containment booms, oil absorbent booms, oil skimming equipment and a mobile oil water separator unit.  These can be rapidly deployed and supplemented with stocks of sand bags where temporary dams are required.  Our small inflatable boat can be used for lake spills where access is limited.  We also hold a supply of emergency aeration equipment for deployment where de-oxygenation has occurred.

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Groundwater Spill

Incidents where impact to groundwater has occurred require a very specific response.  Spill Response Wales holds a number of pieces of equipment that can be rapidly deployed and are specifically designed for use within groundwater monitoring wells.  For instance, should an incident occur at a petrol filling station where pre-existing boreholes and monitoring wells may exist, our pumps and pipework could be quickly installed to commence product recovery.

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Ancillary Spill Equipment

As two spills or incidents are never the same, we try to stock equipment that will give us multiple options in the event of an unusual occurrence. For example, we retain a Honda All Terrain Vehicle and trailer to ensure if access is remote and difficult we can still deploy equipment as closely as possible to the scene.  Our ancillary equipment extends to generators, lighting towers, compressors and other equipment normally only available to hire Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and in Wales often only close to major towns and cities.

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