Land Spill

Land Spill Response Load Options

Land Spill Response invariably requires an initial recovery phase to pump readily recoverable product into containers, followed by the use of absorbent materials to absorb any remaining product.

Once readily recoverable product has been pumped or absorbed, works tend to split into two distinct areas:

  • Works to clean hardstandings and recover wash water for treatment and/or disposal; and
  • Excavation works to remove and treat / dispose of contaminated soil

The Spill Response Wales Load Options for land based spills include the following:

Land Based Spill – Load 1 – Standard

  • ELRO 50mm Diesel Driven Peristaltic Pump
  • 25m Suction Hose / 50m Delivery Hose
  • 2 x 1,000 litre IBC Temporary Containment Vessels
  • 200 Oil Absorbent Pads
  • 10 Oil Absorbent Cushions
  • 50m Oil Absorbent Roll
  • Enviro Valve Inflatable Drain Blocking Bladder
  • Various ‘Dammit’ Clay Mats for covering drains

Land Based Spill – Load 2 – Additional Oil Absorbents

  • 800 Chemical Absorbent Pads
  • 20m of Chemical Absorbent Boom
  • Additional 40 Oil Absorbent Cushions
  • Additional 100m Oil Absorbent Roll
  • 10 Bags of Loose Granular Absorbent

Land Based Spill – Load 3 – Chemical Absorbents

  • 800 Chemical Absorbent Pads
  • 20m of Chemical Absorbent Boom
  • 40 Chemical Absorbent Cushions

Land Based Spill – Load 4 – Loose Absorbents

  • Additional 4 Bags of Loose Polypropylene Absorbent Media (high volume)

Land Based Spill – Load 5 – Hot Jet Wash

  • Diesel Powered Karcher Hot Pressure Wash Unit / Pipes / Lance / Nozzle
  • 4 Pack of Challenge Biotask Microbial Degreasant
  • Various Brushes and Spot Degreasants

Land Based Spill – Load 6 – Soil Excavation

  • 1.5 ton Mini Excavator and Trailer
  • 25 x 4m Rolls of Impermeable Membrane
  • Soil Sampling Equipment and Containers
  • Sandbags, Ropes, CAT and Genny


Spill Response Wales