24 Hour Incident Response
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24 hour incident response

24 hour incident response

At Spill Response Wales we understand that incidents can occur when you least expect them.  From our base located centrally in Wales, we maintain a 24/7 readiness to respond to any incident throughout the country.  From Anglesey to Newport, from Wrexham to Milford Haven, we aim to be on site within 4 hours of call-out.

Rapid Response

In our experience Response Time is critical in determining the severity of an incident.  An early response to contain and control an incident can provide those decision makers, who are often remote from the incident, with experienced eyes and ears on scene.

Spill Response Wales carry specialist containment equipment designed to plug leaks, contain spills within impacted drainage system and, if required, completely de-fuel storage containers.

First Responders

Our first response principles are based upon the following general rules:

  • Is it safe to undertake containment action?
  • Can we plug the spill at source?
  • Can we contain a spill that has impacted site drainage prior to reaching the outfall?
  • If containment is not possible, do we need to de-fuel the source container to prevent further release?
  • Has the spill already migrated off site and impacted environmental receptors, do we need to escalate the response and inform the Authorities?

Broad Environmental Capability

Our incident response capability is not limited to oil or fuel spills.  We attend all kinds of environmental incidents from body fluid removal through to flood pumping and road traffic accidents where an environmental clean up is required.  We can also assist clients who wish to arrange pre-emptive pollution control measures such as precautionary boom deployment and controlled pumping for example.

24 Hour Advice Available

If you have concerns regarding any potential environmental impact from planned operations or a specific incident, Spill Response Wales is always available to offer advice or assistance.

Call our 24/7 spill response line on tel: 01550 721 301

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