Fresh Water Spill

Fresh Water Spill Response Load Options

Spills that have already impacted Controlled Waters can represent a significant environmental liability.  Streams and/or rivers are by definition fast moving and on this basis, actions are based primarily at limiting the spread of the contamination and trying to recover any free floating product.

For smaller streams and rivers, installing temporary dams with by-passes and then multiple use of booms downstream (both containment and absorbent types) is a commonly used technique.  For larger streams and rivers, dams become impractical and the wider use of containment booms is more appropriate.  For fast flowing rivers, boom activities can be very difficult and partial booms at each bank can be the only option.

Where impact is present in a lake or spill, Spill Response Wales retains a small inflatable boat at our base to ensure that we can always reach locations where a response is required.

At Spill Response Wales, we hold stocks of ready filled sand bags, containment boom, absorbent boom, a floating oil skimmer unit and a host of ancillary ropes, slings, clamps and winches for deploying boom and recovering floating free product.

We have also attended numerous fresh water spills where de-oxygenation of the water body has occurred.  We hold two stock options for re-oxygenation, a low impact / low air volume diffuse dome system and a high impact / high air flow pipe and nozzle based system for adding high volumes of air if required.

Fresh Water Spill – Load 1 – Standard

  • Floating Oil Skimmer Unit
  • ELRO 50mm Diesel Peristaltic Pump
  • 25m Suction Hose, 50m Delivery Hose
  • 10m Containment Boom (including anchorage kit)
  • Sand Bag Kit (empty for filling locally)
  • 10m Oil Absorbent Boom
  • 2 x Oil Sweep

Fresh Water Spill – Load 2 – Mobile Oil Water Separator

  • Fast Road Tow, 3 Chamber Oil Water Separator Unit

Fresh Water Spill – Load 3 – Additional Containment Boom

  • Additional 40m of Containment Boom
  • Additional Anchors, Ropes, Clamps and Slings

Fresh Water Spill – Load 4 – Additional Absorbent Media

  • Additional 40m of Oil Absorbent Boom
  • Additional 2 x Oil Sweep
  • 4 x Bags of Loose Oil Absorbent

Fresh Water Spill – Load 5 – Ready Filled Sand Bags

  • Crate of Ready Filled Sandbags
  • Plastic Pipe and Valve Assembly

Fresh Water Spill – Load 6 – Avon Inflatable Boat

  • 3.4m Hand Portable Avon Inflatable Boat (and trailer)
  • Optional 1.5 HP Outboard Motor
  • Optional 6 HP Outboard Motor
Spill Response Wales