Oil tank removal

We specialise in domestic, agricultural and commercial oil tank removal

What to do in the Event of a Domestic Heating Oil Spill

Time for a new oil tank!

If your fuel oil tank is old, damaged, or otherwise in need of replacement – it needs to be removed – safely, and in compliance with regulations.

We are available at short-notice, to inspect and remove fuel oil tanks in home, agricultural, factory, and construction environments.

We serve all of Wales (and neigbouring English counties such as Herefordshire and Shropshire).

We can also help with the new oil tank installation in Wales, with minimal downtime.

It is worth noting that insurers will not always pay out for domestic heating oil spills. For example, if the fuel storage tank and pipes are in poor condition, obviously not maintained or worn out, the spill may not be classified as ‘sudden, accidental or unforeseen’.

Spill Response Wales is a UK Spill accredited response provider. We retain a permanent stock of oil and fuel spill response equipment including absorbents, booms, pumps, skimmers and a mobile oil water separator at our Response Base for rapid deployment with our specially equipped 4×4 vehicle.

We can remove your oil tank – call now: 01550 721 301

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