Oil and Fuel Spill Response

24 Hour Spill ResponseOil and fuel spill response – call: 01550 721 301

Spill Response Wales is a UK Spill Accredited response provider. We retain a permanent stock of oil and fuel spill response equipment including absorbents, booms, pumps, skimmers and a mobile oil water separator at our Response Base for rapid deployment with our specially equipped 4×4 vehicle.

We strongly believe that the speed and quality of the first response action in the immediate aftermath of an environmental incident is crucial in minimising the long term impact of a spill and can significantly limit the long term clean up costs.

Action in the Event of a Spill

In the event of a release, Spill Response Wales recommends action based upon the following general principles:

Safety First

Always consider your personal safety whilst responding to a spill. Think about the nature of the spilled material and the environment in which it has occurred (for example, is it a volatile flammable chemical in an internal confined area). Only attempt to deal with a spill directly, if safe to do so. If in doubt, withdraw, contact nominated personnel within your organisation and, if required, contact the Emergency Services.


The first principle of spill response is containment. In summary, this is immediate action to prevent or mitigate the impact of the spillage.

Where safe to do so, this containment action could be to stem the source of the leak. Even where it is not safe to directly stem the source of the spill, works to limit the spread and impact of the spill by the use of absorbent materials and clay drain covers are valuable containment actions. On larger sites, containment could be extended to sealing the site drainage system to prevent off-site migration and/or impact to controlled waters.


Once effective containment action has been implemented, works to recover the spilled material should commence. This could comprise recovery using absorbent materials (granules, pads or rolls) or via pumping and storage. In each case, care should be taken to avoid any further cross contamination and recovered product should be stored in specially designated areas and in suitable and appropriately marked containers. Disposal of recovered product should take place in accordance with the Waste Management Regulations, using a suitably licensed contractor, with the required duty of care documentation and at an appropriately licensed facility.

Call our 24/7 spill response line on tel: 01550 721 301


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