All Terrain Vehicle

Honda TRX 500Capability Overview

Where a spill or incident requires a response across inhospitable terrain (for example moorland), Spill Response Wales offer a selection of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) to mobilise personnel and equipment to the required location.

Our 4×4 Honda ATV is offered as a response capability in itself or as a specific load option that can be requested.  We also offer a number of trailer options to increase the load carrying capacity of the ATV.  At present, the ATV offered is not road registered and as such is only suitable for off road use.

Our 6×6 ARGOCAT is ideally suited to areas where a low ground bearing pressure response is required, such as mud flat and/or marshland.  The lightweight construction together with amphibious capability make it ideal for difficult response locations where a 4×4 ATV would not be suitable.

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