4 x 4 Response Capability

At Spill Response Wales, we are conscious that both the terrain and the weather in Wales can be challenging and that a number of our customers can require us to deploy to remote, inaccessible locations in all weathers. As such, we offer a bespoke ex utilities Land Rover, kept permanently stocked with spill response equipment and ready to respond at a moments notice. This 4 x 4 response capability vehicle is equipped with a winch, raised suspension and off-road tyres to ensure we can always reach locations where our services are required.

To supplement our capability, we operate the Land Rover in conjunction with a bespoke trailer unit. As no two spills are the same, we carry commonly used spill response tools and equipment within the Land Rover and can quickly load the trailer with individual ‘Modules’ depending upon the type of spill. Examples of some of our Modules would include floating booms for river and lake spills, floating skimmers and pipework for floating product recovery, emergency aeration equipment for streams and lakes and multiple modules full of absorbent granules, pads, cushions, booms and socks.


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Spill Response Wales