Post Spill Remediation

Post spill remediationComplete Remediation Solutions

Spill Response Wales has the capability to follow our spill response works right through to full remediation where required. Spill contracting works are carried out by Spill Response Wales with any consultancy or remediation works carried out through our sister company Remediation Strategies Ltd.

Soil and Groundwater Assessment

In order to determine the nature and extent of any soil and groundwater contamination, site investigation works to obtain soil samples and install groundwater monitoring wells for subsequent sampling can be completed.  Assessment of contamination conditions including detailed quantitative risk assessments can be completed and, where required, remediation strategies and remediation implementation plans can be prepared.

Remediation Strategy Development

Once a requirement to undertake remediation has been identified, it is imperative that a Remediation Strategy in line with current best practice (CLR11) is prepared. This should consider how to undertake focused remediation to address identified risks and present a programme of validation works to demonstrate that the remediation has been successfully completed.

Remediation and assessment worksRemediation Design and Implementation

Remediation Strategies can design and implement remediation works where required from simple excavation and disposal projects, through to more complex tank removal, bioremediation, in-situ treatment, product recovery and chemical injection treatment methods

Our knowledge of a wide variety of remediation techniques allows impartial options appraisals to be completed ensuring all possible techniques are considered. This stage also allows a cost benefit analysis on varying types of remediation technologies to formally be completed.

Validation and Verification

All completed works are supported by comprehensive suite of analyses to demonstrate works have been successfully completed.  The sampling regime and frequency are generally agreed in advance through the preparation of verification plan and demonstrated as completed through the preparation of a validation report.

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